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At the dawn of the internet, people were all about helping each other. If you emailed someone and they didn’t know you, they responded anyway. These days, no email responses. Warzone in the forums and on twitter. One of the reasons I started this website is because almost nobody offered to help me or even answered my emails. I decided to figure it out on my own and document my story. There were, however, three notable exceptions who helped me and asked nothing in return. First, @stevehuffofficial. Second @beersandcameras. Third, @leicastoremiami. Thanks. On every post on this site I mention SOUL. That is an homage to @stevehuffofficial who was, again, one of the few who to the time to answer my newby questions even though I was a nobody. For the record, I am still a nobody. BTW: this image taken with the #zeiss35mmf28 on a #leicam10 at the #bonnevillespeedweek. Check the link in bio for the review of the biogon. Lots of navel gazing in that one.