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Leica Lenses for Normal People is a multi year project I undertook to find a set of lenses for my digital Leica. Without anyone to guide me, I made several purchasing mistakes. What I needed was a friend who was like me to tell me what to buy. The goal of the Leica Lenses for Normal People: Recommended Lists is to serve as a friend and reference as you do your research.

The Recommended Lists are intended to give you lens purchasing advice as if you were my brother, father, girlfriend, wife, cousin, or boss and do it in a way that makes sense to normal people. If your situation is the same as mine,  I should also be able to save you money and time with your purchasing decisions.

In The Recommended Lists, I summarize my research, let you know which lenses I kept and which ones I sold, and even compare and contrast different lenses so you understand my thought process.

In return, I am asking you to help support my family and this website with a one-time payment of $14.99. That single payment will give you lifetime access to all of my Leica Lenses for Normal People: Recommended Lists. There is also a no questions asked money-back guarantee.