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If you remember back a few posts, I was having a hard time getting anyone to answer my questions when I was getting started with this #leica stuff. Trying to learn in a camera forum was a exercise in futility. Forum “moderators” seem to have agendas, independent voices are stomped down, people are mean, and you have no idea who you are getting advice from. Conversely, I found websites like (the excellent) @casual_photophile, were you get the opinion of one person was the best for me. Eventually, you get to know what that person likes and doesn’t like which is important to helping decide if their recommendations are valid for me. So, as I decided to do my own research and test things myself that became the goal of #leicalensesfornormalpeople. I wanted to offer no BS advice for people like me, with my budget, who like what I like. It turns out that I dont often agree with the party line, guys wearing cardigans, forum moderators, or anyone that says you need to spend $5000 on a lens to take a picture. To me #leicaworld should be accessible and doesn’t need to be old and stuffy BTW: this image taken with a #voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm f/2.5 on a #leicam10. Full review at link in bio. @voigtlanderism #voigtlanderism