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Scatterbrain, Me Phi Me, Manowar, The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Public Image Limited, Ministry, and G. Love and Special Sauce. These are all things I used to spend time with but no longer do.

It is time to add Leica Lenses for Normal People to that list. It would appear that I am kind of sort of but pulling an Erwin Puts.  Mr. Puts, however, was god tier. I never was nor will I be so there is that. 

Before I go and Puts out on you, it is probably worth summarizing the last decade of my experience with Leica cameras and lenses. The following 15 topics are the ideas and concepts that came up over and over on this site and in discussions with readers. These 15 items are the thread that holds this entire site together. If you understand these concepts you really dont need me anyway. 

It seems like I should call this the LLFNP philosophy or LLFNP doctrine or LLFNP rules but that all sounds too douchey to me. For what might be the last post in a long time lets take it down 7 notches of douche and just call it the LLFNP ______.  

The LLFNP _______. 

  1. Many, if not most, lens reviews are paid reviews. Beware of free content online. Nothing is free when it comes to Leica cameras or lenses. 
  2. Rangefinders are the best way to focus a manual focus lens until you get old and crappy, you piss dribble from time to time, and you cant see the damn rangefinder patch like you used to.  Shoot a rangefinder until you cant see straight then get a Nikon SLR or adapt your rangefinder lenses to an SL2. 
  3. Life is too short to shoot cheap cameras or wear cheap watches. Save for retirement…. then Leica cameras…then watches.  In that order. 
  4. Leica lenses are expensive but don’t be fooled into thinking more expensive is more better.  It might be fun to own exotic things but don’t think they are necessary. Importantly, if they leave your house, you will scratch and break them eventually. If you worry about brining your camera or lens to the beach or on vacation it is too expensive for you to own with your current financial situation. 
  5. Rangefinder cameras are small and stealthy. Don’t screw that up with big, honking, fast lenses. If you must crush the bokeh, do it elsewhere. 
  6. It is impossible to focus a rangefinder at f/1.4 unless you are taking pictures of garden gnomes and parked cars. If you must crush the bokeh do it elsewhere. 
  7. Don’t waste your time with starter lenses. 
  8. Leica made the rangefinder possible. Voigtlander made the rangefinder accessible. Voigtlander does not get enough credit. Be glad you are playing cameras and lenses today and not 15 years ago. 
  9. There is magic in vintage lenses but don’t get wrapped up in the vintage story. You are buying crappy old lenses to make crappy new images. Nobody cares about your bokeh balls like you do. 
  10. Beware of the Leica Tax. Batteries, grips, lens hoods, service, and replacement parts will drive you nuts and make you poor.  
  11. The Leica look, 3D pop, and micro-contrast are terms I hope never to hear again. #horseshit #hooey #poppycock #bunk
  12. Saying a picture has “The Leica Glow”is like saying a broken down, rusty, tricycle, with no pedals or handlebars is a “vintage vehicle.” 
  13. The Leica Q isn’t a camera it is a gateway drug. 
  14. A Leica rangefinder works best between 28-75mm focal length. Don’t force it do stupid things it wasn’t meant to do. 
  15. Buy the seller. Support the underground. If you can afford a Leica camera or lens, Facebook is not your marketplace. There are some exceptions but you will get burned eventually. Ebay is marginally better as a buyer. I give it an EX++++optical clean, small scuffs, B, some fungus, user condition.  

Even though I will be leaving you to some degree, I will be here with you in spirit. I’ll still be shooting my M10. This site will remain active and I will probably update it from time to time but because the rangefinder patch is more frustrating than fun for me these days, I don’t feel that it is responsible for me to continue to try to help you like I used to. 

It was a great 10 years and I could not have done it without the thousands of supporters along the way. Thanks to everyone who supported LLFNP along the way. You know who you are. For the A-holes that sent me contact negativity because I didnt play along with every bit of marketing nonsense form the vendors, for the vendors who blackballed me because I wouldn’t take free lenses for review, and for all of the insane forum dwellers, I thank you too because your stupidity gave me ideas for content for so many years. I just wish I could say everything that I really wanted along the way. Oh well.