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At peak lockdown, I did a series of photos with kids in #encinitas. The goal was to capture some of the anger and frustration these kids were feeling. I found that most kids were actually pretty happy and didn’t care too much about the lockdown (which killed the idea for the book), the parents were a mess, and even though I loved the images from my #summicron50mm I couldn’t stand the telescoping hood and I wanted a focusing tab. Little things matter in an otherwise perfect lens. Anyone have a  #summicron V4 with good glass that is beat up on the outside so it doesnt cost thousands? I’m in the market. Full review at link in bio with painful nitpicking and a minor discussion about Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory which is, in fact, the GOAT. Stop with the Nas. This photo taken with a #leicam10 and #summicron50mm #leicalenses#leicaworld #leicalensesfornormalpeople