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If you believe that this whole #vintagelens and #leica stuff is just just a bunch of hipsters with too much money and not enough sense to know they are getting scammed because #vintagelensphotography is all bull$*@#.” Or if you think “I was there in the 70’s and this vintage stuff was junk back then and it is still just junk being peddled to a bunch of nitwits looking for nostalgia that doesn’t exist anywhere except their minds and in marketing departments.” Or even “No, look at that vignette, I am dying over here. Please let me get my MTF chart and take a picture of some lines so I can decrease my blood pressure,” the #voigtlandernoktonclassic35mm might drive you insane. On the other hand you might dig it. Full review at link in bio. This image taken with the #voigtlander35mmf14and #leicam10 #leicalenses #leicaphotography #voigtlander#leicalensesfornormalpeople